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Work Distractions

socialmediaWork distractions happen so often that we sometimes don’t even realize it, as it has become the normal in our day.  Have you ever gotten to the end of your work day to realize that you haven’t fully completed any of the work you’ve set out to do?

In today’s world we have so many distractions – anything from cel phones to social media, Facebook, Twitter, apps, emails, pings, texts, not to mention kids, colleagues, pets, (and in Whistler we also have the added distraction of new snow, beautiful lakes and mountains calling our names), it’s a wonder how we get anything done in a day!dog

When I need to set some time aside to do a market analysis for a client wanting to sell a property or to set up a client tour, I need to have a slot of undivided time to concentrate on the task to complete it in a timely fashion, otherwise it can end up stretching through most of the day. 

To use my time more effectively, I am going to remove distractions by turning off my pop up notification for emails and also social media pop ups on my computer and phone to allow the needed time to focus on the scheduled task at hand.

I really like Natalie Sisson’s suggestion to use Boomarang (thru google apps) which will allow scheduling of responses to emails.  I will research what is involved in using this to help free up more time in my day. 

We all have the same amount of time in a day, what we choose to do with it and how we maximize the hours is within our control.


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